In August 1980, Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Foster began the Vietnamese work at Victoria Baptist Church - mostly meeting the refugee needs by teaching them English. In 1984, the first Sunday school class for Vietnamese youths and adults was held with about 10 people. Vietnamese children studied Sunday school with Victoria church's kids. The Vietnamese church worshipped together with Victoria members each week. At the end of 1984, Rev. and Mrs. Foster retired and moved to Mississippi.

In 1985, Vietnamese Mission at Victoria recieved support from a church in New Orleans who would come once a month to conduct worship in Vietnamese. In 1987, Vietnamese Mission asked Rev. Nguyen Xuan Hao to be their first pastor. At that time, the official name for the Mission was: "Vietnamese Hope Baptist Mission." In 1989, Pastor and Mrs. Hao retired and moved to Florida.

At the end of 1992, about 15 members left but the church continued to hold up the Mission. From this point on, Mr. Vinh Trong Nguyen was called to lead and care for the church. A revival began to sweep through and the church began to grasp the opportunity to help sponsor many Vietnamese families who were coming from Vietnam under the "AmeriAsian" and "Prisoner of War" programs.

In 1995, Hope Mission began to support the Abbeville mission in Abbeville, Louisiana. Also during this year, the church expanded the place of worship to hold 80 seats and celebrated their first anniversary. In 1997, Hope Mission began to support Grace church in New Orleans - East once a month.

In March of 1998, Rev. Vinh Trong Nguyen was officially called to be the pastor of the mission. In 1999, a trustee board was selected to prepare the constitution for becoming an independent Southern Baptist church. In August 2000, Victoria approved the constitution and donated the entire church building and assets to the Vietnamese Hope Baptist Church. Today, Vietnamese Hope Baptist Church continues to spread the gospel of Christ and minister to the needs of the Vietnamese community in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana.